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Welcome to RANOK Rights and Licenses Department

Would you like to consider printing our titles in your own language? Are you looking for
a new title to diversify your catalogue?
Do you want to receive a reading copy of our titles?

Please browse our catalogue below and contact us for any translation rights and co-editions, pdfs or reading copies.

Browse our Catalogue online as PDF

Browse catalogue online

RANOK Rights Catalogue 2015 cover

О нас

Книги Ранок

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you either by phone or by e-mail.

Kateryna Natidze 

Head of Licensing Department

E-mail: Rights.ranok@gmail.com

Tel: +38 095 671 74 33

Olga Nazarova 

Senior Rights Manager

E-mail: Olga.shaposhnikova@gmail.com

Tel: +38 057 701 11 22
Valeriia Delehach 

License Manager

E-mail: Valdel92@yandex.ua

Tel: +38 095 209 24 23

We look forward to your requests