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Welcome to RANOK Rights and Licenses Department

Ukrainian Publishing House “RANOK” founded in 1997 is prominent for its endless love for books and reading.
Our inspired team work for sharing its passion with children, parents and teachers.

  • RANOK Publishing House is the leader on the national market of educational, children’s and methodical literature. Our portfolio includes more than 800 unique titles and covers all kinds of literature of different genres, topics and formats.
  • RANOK is the company which develops, produces, implements and merchandises high-quality innovative products and services, which help to carry out the process of education and personality development from the first days of life until finishing school.
  • RANOK Corporation includes such imprints: Ranok LLC, Barabooka, ART LLC, Fabula LLC, Publishing Group "Osnova" LLC, Ranok Creative LTD.
  • Our team publishes a wide range of children’s titles that facilitates developing of speech, logical thinking and intelligence, sense of humour and norms of behaviour, as well as fine motor skills and knowledge required for children of specific age.
  • Our team is proud to be an eco-friendly company and issue books on recycled paper and UBC.
  • Our Publishing House is a full-cycle company with our own printing house and a chain of bookstores.
  • Our books in Ukrainian, English, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Georgian, Moldovan, Romanian, Lithuanian, Kazakh and Russian which are read by children and adults in dozens of countries all over the world.
  • Our authors and illustrators are the winners of local and international contests.
  • RANOK team is an annual participant of various international book fairs such as Frankfurt Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, London Book Fair, Salon du Livre de Montreal and Salon du Livre de Paris.
We would be happy to assist you with any questions regarding PDFs or reading copies, translation rights and co-editions.
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Our friendly team will be happy to assist you either by phone or by e-mail

Kateryna Natidze 
Head of Licensing Department

E-mail: kateryna.natidze@ranok.com.ua
Tel: +38 057 719 48 65, +38 057 719 58 67
Olga Nazarova 

Senior Rights Manager

E-mail: olga.nazarova@ranok.com.ua
Tel: +38 057 719 48 65, +38 057 719 58 67

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